4. Functionality

The main functionality is handled with a PostProcessor-instance, populated with several Field-items.

The Field-items added to the PostProcessor can represent meta computations (MetaField, MetaField2) such as time integrals or time derivatives, restrictions or subfunction, or norms. They can also represent custom computations, such as stress, strain, stream functions etc. All subclasses of the Field-class inherits a set of parameters used to specify computation logic, and has a set of parameters related to saving, plotting, and computation intervals.

The Planner, instantiated by the PostProcessor, handles planning of computations based on Field-parameters. It also handles the dependency, and plans ahead for computations at a later time.

For saving purposes the PostProcessor also creates a Saver-instance. This will save Fields as specified by the Field-parameters and computed fields. It saves in a structured manner within a specified case directory.

In addition, there is support for plotting in the Plotter-class, also created within the PostProcessor. It uses either dolfin.plot or pyplot.plot to plot data, based on data format.