3.3. Replay a Problem

Once a simulation is completed, one might want to compute other fields of the solution. This can be done with cbcposts Replay-functionality. The process can be done in very few lines of code.

In the following, we initialize a replay of the heat equation solved in A Basic Use Case and restarted in Restart a Problem. First, we set up a postprocessor with the fields we wish to compute:

from cbcpost import *
from dolfin import set_log_level, WARNING, interactive

pp = PostProcessor(dict(casedir="../Basic/Results"))

    SolutionField("Temperature", dict(plot=True)),
    Norm("Temperature", dict(save=True, plot=True)),
    TimeIntegral("Norm_Temperature", dict(save=True, start_time=0.0, end_time=6.0)),

To replay the simulation, we do:

replayer = Replay(pp)