cbcpost - a postprocessing framework for FEniCS

cbcpost is developed to simplify the postprocessing of simulation results, produced by FEniCS solvers.

The framework is designed to take any given solution, and compute and save any derived data. The interface is designed to be simple, with minimal cluttering of a typical solver code. This is illustrated by the following simple example:

# ... problem set up ...

# Set up postprocessor
solution = SolutionField("Displacement", dict(save=True))
postprocessor = PostProcessor(dict(casedir="Results/"))

t = 0.0
timestep = 0
while t < T:
    timestep += 1
    # ... solve equation ...

    # Update postprocessor
    postprocessor.update_all(dict("Displacement"=lambda: u), timestep, t)

    # continue

cbcpost is developed at the Center for Biomedical Computing, at Simula Research Laboratory by Øyvind Evju and Martin Sandve Alnæs.


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