5.1. Postprocessor

5.1.1. PostProcessor

All basic user interface is gathered here.

Default parameters are:

Key Default value Description
casedir ‘.’ Case directory - relative path to use for saving
extrapolate True Constant extrapolation of fields prior to first update call
initial_dt 1e-5 Initial timestep. Only used in planning algorithm at first update call.
clean_casedir False Clean out case directory prior to update.
flush_frequency 1 Frequency to flush shelve and txt files (playlog, metadata and data)

5.1.2. Planner

Planner class to plan for all computations.

5.1.3. Saver

Class to handle all saving in cbcpost.

5.1.4. Plotter

Class to handle plotting of objects.

Plotting is done using pylab or dolfin, depending on object type.